GIANTRANS CARGO DE ARGENTINA S.R.L. , consists of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the various fields related to Foreign Trade.
The significance is that current and future operations of Foreign Trade for exporting and importing firms mean that the market requires a 'INTEGRATED SERVICE' and this is what we want to offer them. This service is integral handle all the logistics by a single operator, which optimizes the time and costs of various operations.
Through this highly qualified team is looking to provide a flexible response to the needs and demands of enterprises in all matters related to the operational and logistical advice for importing and exporting goods. Providing a number of related services that currently are essential for the operator of foreign trade. Efforts at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Legal Metrology, INAL, ANMAT, SENASA, DJCP, Electrical Safety and Security Toys, among others
Recent clients include companies in various fields of industry and commerce, this gives us a broad spectrum of goods transported (Paper, Industrial spare parts, engines, seeds, machinery for the paper industry, agricultural machinery, scales, packaging, labelling articles library, toys, textiles, etc.).
It should be noted that we have representatives at the most important places in our country and abroad that allow us to direct and effective control of all operations.
Our goal is then to assert our presence with alternative proposals designed to optimize and secure our service delivery of merchandise in a timely manner.
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