Site of the undersecretary of External Commercial Management. Secretary of Commerce in economics.
It shows the total amounts of imports and exports of the country.
Phytosanitary regulations, procedures for import and export of agricultural products, agricultural statistics, organic production. Information available in Spanish
Directory of Associations and chambers. Information available in Spanish.
Binational Chamber of Commerce. Norway Argentine Chamber of Commerce. Information available in Spanish
SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs) and SwissCham (Union of Chambers of Commerce Abroad). Information available in Spanish.
Bag Grains of Buenos Aires, with access links to other entities and agencies in the sector. Information available in Spanish.
Senior Guide (companies, organizations and executives from Argentina) directory binational chambers of commerce and associations
CDA (Center Despachantes Customs) with Link port of Buenos Aires: Maritime Directory lines operating in the port of Buenos Aires. Information available in Spanish.
Distributors and Suppliers Federation of the State of the Province of Buenos Aires. Vendors Guide de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.
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